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This site chronicles the nefarious TRASHWAGON, the embodiment of Miles Fox, the worlds premier Subaru Outlaw! The original concept of Trashagon derives from the idea of a 4wd station wagon, which would have the capabilities of something like a big truck or suv, but maintain the comfort, ride, maneuverability, and style of a car.

Trashwagon is the true spirit of desperate no-budget ingenuity, do it yourself the way you want it, and the last great American ill-fated road trip experience. Mad Max meets Fast and the Furious. The classic Pull Me Over cop magnet. Put it together as you go "Project Daily Driver".

Trashwagon is a series of purpose built station wagons of various sorts. First we start with a clapped out Ford Fairmont found off the side of the road, with a lawnmower gas tank under the hood to Cavalier grafitti paint to Rolled over Ford Pinto to Subaru GL complete driveline conversion from pushrod driven FWD to timing belt powerd 4wd 5spd, suspension modifications and sheetmetal body armor. The first Trashwagon had 3 miles out of it. The last Trashwagon had 5500 miles in one round. What is a Trashwagon without the Police involved?

Every single Trashwagon has been impounded in one way or another. From false registrations to driving while suspended to warrand seisure confiscations, Trashwagon continues on in the next Form! Trashwagon is evolution from the last to the next.

First there was spray paint. Along came the Cherry Bomb. Next there was bigger wheels and coil spring boosters. Then there was body modification bolted in street signs for structural integrity. Consecutive roll over accidents. Automatic to 5spd conversions. 4door to 2-door wagon modifications. Home made Lift Kits. Turbo. 4wd. Road Trips.

west coast subaru showIt has and always been one of the last American Frontier to travel Westbound wether it be to settle, search for gold, or to experience the all American Road Trip. Trashwagon is the epitome of the Ill-Fated road trip gone awry. "Hey i got this car running now lets go out west!" Build a car and travel a week later. Gas Can fuel system. Cigarettes. Break down 15 miles fom home. Snatch the car off the back of a tow truck, haggle with the county sheriff. Break an axle in Wisconsin, hitchhike to a junkyard. Fuel tank ruptures. Mormons at the truckstop. Bald tires. Mountains. Nevertheless, Trashwagon makes it by the skin of its teeth!

2300 miles away to a car show. Axle and gas tank replacement. Driving while suspended. Jail in Idaho. The Greyhound Bus. Rescue mission a year later and a Movie. This is TRASHWAGON!

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