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1983 Ford Fairmont Wagon

My very first Wagon was an 83 Ford Fairmont. I saw it abandoned along the side of the road. I left a note on it that read "I want this car Call me. I left my phone number on the note. I got a call the next day about the car. I went to check it out. It had a hole in the gas tank, but it ran. I traded my tore up Yamaha Jog scooter for it. I towed it home with my Oldsmobile Calais. It sat at home fore some time before I got a battery for it. The car was White, and the people who traded it to me were poor white trash. I called the car a White Trash Wagon. That is where the word TrashWagon came from. The car was in bad enough shape that it would be no loss to paint and cobble up the looks of the car. I got it running by borrowing the gas tank from the lawnmower and hooking it up directly to the fuel line. I got it running and drove it to a friend’s house. When I was to leave, the starter had froze up. It sat there for a few weeks before I hauled it to the junkyard.

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