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Trashwagon Evolution

TrashWagon is an evolution of the overall idea, from the last to the next. The first example had bigger tires. the last example had a complete driveline and engine conversion from pushrod driven front wheel drive to timing belt powered 4wd


White Trash Wagon, 83 Ford Fairmont

This car was found off the side of the road. It had a hole in the gas tank and no battery. A lawn mower gas tank was fitted under the hood and ane battery installed. This car saw all of 3 miles before the starter went out, and was thus junked with railroad ties and spare tires to the scrap metal recycler for 80 bucks. This car being white, and coming from trailer park hillbillies, coined the term "Trashwagon" from whitetrash wagon, or white trashwagon, as it was white in color, and a piece of trash


"White Trash Taxi" Crapalier Trashwagon, 87 Chevy Cavalier

This car employed the first installment of coil spring boosters, and off road lighting. Alsi this was the first to recieve a custom paint job. With the pant job largely unfinished, it became a grafitti board for passengers, passers by, and a police officer or 2 as they pulled it over. The rear coil springs fell out from baja'n abandonned railroad tracks, and the rear brake line was torched as an attempt to weld the springs were made. This car kept chugging along until it was impounded for false registration


84 Suabru Gl 4wd

This car was the first 4wd to be inducted ito the fleet of Trashwagons. It was purchased for 200 bucks as it sat for sale at an auto parts store. Compared to baja'n Cavaliers and Grand Ams, this car was better suited for the off road urban baja experience. This car carried over the off road lighting, and was the first to receive body modifications such as chopping the lower portions of the fenders and the rust away from the wheel wells. This car was also the first to see any service work such as fuel filter and valve lash adjustment. Since this car came as 4wd, and had height adjustable suspension, it retains the suspension modification by default. Interior modifications were limited to a Grand Am radio mountd to the driver's door, for lack of room on the console. This car served its duty as a newspaper and pizza delivery vehicle.

The exhaust had fallen off, giving it high rmp power for chugging through snow. Many a pizza was delivered to apartment complexes, not by parking and taking the pizza inside, but rather by driving around to the back yard to their back porch! This car in all its fun was slid sideways into a cub and bending the rear trailing arm. During its hiatus with a bent trailing arm it bore a cheap coat of spraypaint, and "rally cross" along the bottom of the doors. The license plate had fallen off and thus the license plate number was painted on the back hatch. Thus the TrashWagon Paint Scheme was born. It still saw many miles afterward, until it sat parked at my mom's for a short bit.

Upun acquiring the next Trashwagon, and running the new car off the road, this car pulled it off a pile of logs with a flat tire, a donut, a hole in the radiator, 5500 rpms in lo range reverse. Then the car was towed away from where it sat


Trashwagon3, 79 Ford Pinto

This car was aquired for 300 bucks from a driveway posted for sale. It was named Trashwagon3 as it was the 3rd in the series of trashwagons, but the first to carry a number designation. It burned oil profusely but ran good enough to drive. This car saw its duty delivering pizza as well. The car was yellow in color. The front fenders were painted black, and the word "TRASHWAGON3" on the bottom of the door. It also had a big Fox-Head painted on the hood. The off road lights and the grand am radio were carried over from the previous Subaru. This car was rear wheel drive, with leaf spring suspension.

This was the first application of a real suspension modification, using drop shackles and air shocks. Larger tires were installed on the front to make up for the difference of height. With this suspension set up this car fell victim to a roll over accident maneuvering around a stray dog. The car was uprighted with a tow strap and a large truck, and driven home under its own power/ the roof was pushed down in back and the tailgate folded in a way the rear window popped out intact. a log punctured the windshield. Parts were found; it just so happened to be a windshield already dismounted, and a tailgate with no window.

A jack and a 2x4 was used to push the roof up to fit the tailgate. the front end of a 77 pinto was installed and the larger aluminum bumpers as well, and the headlights were reversed to set inwatd from the 77 round headlights. Since this car was so rusted out, and from its recent roll over accident, stolen county road signs and their posts were bolted and welded in for integrity. This car was the first to receive extensive body modifications therefore, and in addition the rear quarters were cut out of being dented up from the rollover, and trailer lights were installed in place of the taillights, on the roof.

Gauges were also installes, as well as carpet on the ceiling floors, and doors. The carpet was a mix and mathc of scraps found on some hillbillie's junk pile. This was the first application of carpet

With the sides of the car cut out, fenders like that of an ATV were fashioned from metal shelving, and the leftover scraps used to make wings on top like that of an F-18's tail fins. From all the extensive body work this car employed the first real application of the trashwagon paint sceme born on the previous subaru. My buddy, who then owned a Mercury Bobcat wagon, was arrested for driving while suspended. "Driving is not a Crime" was emblazoned on the doors with blue spray paint to advocate his avenge.The cam had worn away from excessive opil loss, o the point the rockers would fall out. This car was the first to have extensive engine work done such as replacing the head and the cam.

Inexperienced as i was the torque sequence was a shot in the dark and no new seals were installed. This motor leaked and burned oil out of every corner of the motor possible. I had used this car as a vessel to pack up and relocate to another town, fitting everything I owned on top and in the back. I drove this car 150 miles to the next town. It smoked like the Batmobile, leaving a cloud of blue smoke several car lengths behind. The motor used 3 whole GALLONS of 30 wt chainsaw bar oil from Wal-Mart. Upon my arrival to the next town i took a lap down the abandonned railroad tracks where the auxiliary shaft on the engine seized up and broke the timing belt. We towed the car to my buddy's place with a Cadillac and it sat in the alley until it was eventually towed away by the city.


Trashwagon4, 83 Subaru Gl Turbo

It had been a long while since i had been without a trashwagon, a Subaru for that matter. I stumbled upon this car sitting on a jack with the front wheel off. I hollared at the owner and it indeed was for sale, for the fact it was sittong missing a wheel, in need of brakes. I gave 130 dollars and took the title and the rim, and came back with a good tire. As I lowered it off the jack, the jack raised up into the vehicle, being stuck into a rusty spot. Yhis car was a 4wd automatic turbo. I drove the car home. It was seriously lacking on power and the transmission did not shift properly. The oil pressure light was on and it would barely idle. I spent some 90 bucks on fluids and spark plugs and the car came with front brake pads which i installed. No sooner than i get this car i came into another wagon for parts, a fwd 5spd. I had read on the Subaru Message Boards about coionverting from automatics to 5spd. between the parts car and the junkyard i was able to put toghether the right parts to make a 4wd 5spd conversion, and build a 3 inch lift while i was at it. This trashwagon was the first to be turbo, the first 5spd conversion, the first lifted trashwagon. I got so far as to get the car driveable and for the first appreciable time i had it on the road after the conversion i rolledit over. icy gravel roads and grease on the rear brake drum. Not a good combination. I had to abandon the car and come back for it at the impound lot. By this time i had come into a hatchback for parts. Once again the roof was raised with a jack and a 2x4. the gate was folded n beyond repair. the rear side glass was busted out from car ramps in the back. The car was damaged in such a way that the idea came to make a 2 door wagon, since the last trashwagon was a 2-door naturally. So now we carry over the 2-door, and the off road lights fom the last trashwagon. And custom steel bumpers were made up from scrap deeboed at a local joist plant. Eventually the engine harness melted against the exhaust as it was not tied down from all the modification. Then a carb motor was swapped in, until the axles blew apart. This car was still in the development stages with a swapped in sunroof, but no interior other than the dash and seats. Thje car was fully primered but never painted. I managed to get the motor and tranny out of the car until the owners of the building where it was parked at junked it out from under me


Trashwagon5, 83 Subaru GL 5spd

This car was had for exactly $420.00 from a guy who rents storage and has cars for sale on the side. The car came originally form colorado with the carter-weber carb and the high altitude kit. The car was originally yellow. After donating its motor briefly to trashwagon4, it had blown a head gasket. i put a few hundred miles on the motor with this blown head gasket before fixing it.

During the head gasket repair i replaced the fwd 5spd with trashwagon 4's 4wd tranny. i was short a driveshaft and rear diff to complete the conversion, so i had to fashion a cap for the drivehaft output from a hose clamp, a spraypaint lid, and a rubber glove to contain the gear fluid. I had traded trashwagon 4's original motor for the rear tube frame, and used trailing arms from a later model. Once again the original motor blew a head gasket so i swapped in the ea82 timing belt motor from a later model subaru and used the car's original intake and carb.

Eventually i swapped in another ea82 from an 86 sedan with hitachi intake and carb. During the process i made a 6 inch lift for this car, and modified it to take ea82 suspension for larger brakes and longer axles, and to accept parts from later model subarus. By the time the car was complete the ea81 based car was essentially an ea82 underneath. From various runs of baja'n in the woods in st joe, IN, the doord had become beat in to an extent, and the car originally had some rear quarter damage before i got the car.

I had access to a roll of sheet steel left over from a 35,000 lb roll and fashioned sheetmatal armor skins for the doors, fenders, and rear quarters. Then the car received the classic Trashwagon paint scheme. So far in the line of trashwagon evoluthin this car was the first to recieve an entire powertrain/driveline/suspension change out and 2wd to 4wd conversion. The sheetmetal counts as a body modification, in tune with trashwagon 4. The same off road lights were installed to the roof rack and bumper. Eventually the lift came out be cause it was partially collapsed and handling was an issue. Soon after the car was painted it received carpet on the dash, ceiling, and doots, along with interior lighting and custom gauges. An amplifier and speakers were mounted to the ceiling, the "roof of boom". A rear differential and gas tank was installed but the gas tank used was junk.

But i had to use this gas tank to clear the diff, as the old one cleared with the lift but not without. So with this gas tank being no good i made a tap at the drain plug and piped in a trio of 5 gallon gas cans, so this gave the car a total capacityo f 27 gallons, and the fuel gauge would represent the whole load proportionately. No sooner than the final touches were put on the car me and 2 of my buddies planned a trip to the West Coast Subaru Show in Seattle, WA, just over a week away.

We loaded down and fueled up, bringign a compliment of tools, cigarettes, and other provisions, and hit the road. The car broke down 15 miles out. After running back and forth for help it came down to haggling with a county sheriff to release the car off the back of a tow truck. We managed to convince the officer to let us drop the car at this dude's garage because the "motor was trashed". He originally would not have released it from impound withthe fuel systyem the way it was, but since i had the cash to pay the tow truck man and since the car was going somewhere off a public road, the officer obliged. We went on through the night, had clogged fuel filter issues thru chicago, where we had to take off the filter and backflush it periodically, and then made it as far as the west side of wisconsin intil the car broke an axle exiting to a gas station from the highway.

I was driving all night and had pulled over to change drivers and sleep when the axle let go. so much for that. we parked the car at a burger king and hitch hiked to the junkyard 20 miles away with a handful oftools for an axle. afterh extensive haggling withthe yard man and being split up to run his errands in exchange, we finally had an axle in the car and was on our way once again. We made it as far as minnesota before stopping for gas, making it a good 600 or 700 miles with our original load of fuel. We tanked up in minnesota and continued on thru south dakota. so far down the road we were overwhelmed with the smell of gas, so we stopped at a truck stop. I get out of the car to find the car leaking profusely as my buddies went inside. They came out to find me under the car plugging the hole where the tap failed with my finger, and rustled around the electric fuel pump tp recopver the fuel from dripping into a milk jug and pumping it back into the gas cans. Not only had the tap failed, but the gas tank itself was rupturing at the seams from its own weight.

So by this time we were running solely off the 3 5 gallon gas cans. We made it the rest of the way without incident, not even a flat tire as the one wheel was threadbare from the eye-ball alignment tie-rod modifications, barreling down twisty mountain mpasses at 80 mph, loaded down to the brim.

Once we arrived we settled in for a day and entered the car in the West Coast Subaru Show, where it received mixed fanfare, and represented itself from its reputation on the subaru message board. The rest of the story involves driving while suspended and being arrested, leaving the car in idaho and going back for it a year later, not to mention all the fuss over it on the message board. Out of coincidence a film maker from wisconsin wanted to make a movie about Miles Fox and Trashwagons right around the same time we were gearing up to go back fo the car. So the rest of the story will be told on a documentary film by T.W. Hansen titled "Catch This Fox!"


Trashwagon6, 87 GL-10 Turbo 5spd 4wd

I found this car for sale at a gas station for 100 bucks including a parts car. I couldnt take the parts car so i took what was god with thecar, and towed it witha strap 40 miles to Butler, IN from Fort Wayne. This car was originally blue with blue interior, slightly rusty, and the motor was out, apart, and laying in the trunk. I got this car running within 2 weeks of bringing it home, put together with a spare carb motor and leftover trashwagon 5 carburetor. Once Running i painted the car with theea82 version of the Trashwagon paint scheme, but substituted rust-oleum metallic flake blue for black, and used brush on black grill paint around the side trim, and blacked out the top with satin black. I drove this car is in such manner while i put its turbo motor back together. The turbo motor didnt last 100 miles, what a waste of gaskets! So back goes in the carb motor using my boss's garage and completing the swap within the duration of him being at work, and started it up for the first time right when he returned to my car in his garage


"Trashwagon5 mkII" TW5 Replica, 83 Subaru GL 4wd

Originally conceived as a replica of the original Trashwagon 5 for use in the documentary Catch This Fox, it sports a cleaner version of the original TW5 paint scheme, along with the original EA82 engine, bumpers, and carpet headliner from TW5. It was taken on the Hot Rod Power Tour as it was being put together to promote a website that didn't exist. We then took it on the BABE Rally where we struggled to catch up to the actual rally most of the time, up until a radiator hose broke and it overheated, taking two cylinders with it. Trying to limp it around didn't work so it was abandoned and eventually retrieved well after the conclusion of the rally. An engine in Tim Hansen's garage originally from the Silverfox II sedan went in over the course of a few weeks in the summer, Harley pipes were added, and the car went off to Madison to Marquiz, a friend of Desmond's who needed a car.

Scheduled to come back to Milwaukee for a film shoot at a gravel pit, it was stopped for driving around without license plates or being registered; and the day it got registered, it was nearly totalled in a collision with a Chevy Lumina in the rain. Marquiz got the BABE Rally Camry wagon, since he was basically screwed out of a car (and he's still bitter about having to drive such a useless, pedestrian piece of crap. FUCK TOYOTA CAMRY!) After some hard work the car was straight enough to have the original riveted "body armor" fender from TW5 go on and the car sported a new look with only 2 of the 4 headlights and no fog lights on the bumper. Eventually it was put back together with duct tape, and it went back to Madison, where the timing belt broke. It sits at Marquiz's apartment currently.

Trashwagon 7, 90 Subaru Loyale 4wd 5spd


Trashwagon 8, 95 Subaru Legacy Outback AWD 5spd

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