Butterflies in my stomach?

Try locusts.

Or cicadas.

All jumping around and burrowing.

Department of Such as "Props"

Here are things that inspire me in various capacities.


Mouth Reliant on Myspace: My stuff in a place where more people are. Also where I put my hideously personal weblog.

Timothy Daniel: Me and this dogg go back to the 7th grade. We collaborate on occasion.

Motus Mavis: Skot Wiedmann, heir to the Buchla ethos and mad-scientist-for-hire. Another old friend.

SongFight: An excuse to make music, for when I need excuses.

Micromusic.net: Finally, a captive and sympathetic fan base.

Midines: A midi interface for the old-skool Nintendo!

GXSCC: The coolest dang thing ever, if you write MIDI.


Achewood: Welcome to Hell, Mr. Smuckles. Here is your 1982 Subaru Brat.

Leisure Town: Mr. Farnon's eloquent sociopathy is consistent with what I've observed of humanity.

Diesel Sweeties: 8-bit tale of sex and robots. Makes this pixellated doctor moan.

Wigu: Now 100% M-A-I-S. I cry, it is so beautiful.

Maakies: A paean to the golden age of illustration. And booze. Almost makes me ashamed of computers.

Cat and Girl: The paint-drinkingest comic I know of.

Homestar Runner: Say what you will, but it's the most valid and honest new development in popular subculture in ages.


Deuce of Clubs: If I ever equate 1/10th of Godfrey Daniels' rambling grandeur, I will consider myself successful.

Bureaucrash: A glimmer of actual Libertarian activism? Hooray. Also, these people sent me to Switzerland for free.

Libertarian Party: I just want to be left alone. Fortunately, there is political ideology that jives perfectly with that.

Free State Project: My brother and I are members. "Live Free or Die" is so totally my kind of license plate.


Toyota Camry Enthusiast Board: The best vehicle on the planet is a 2nd-gen Camry Wagon ('87-'91). If you want to sell yours, or need parts, contact me.

Toyota Van People: I also really dig my bright yellow '86 cargovan. I'm contractually obligated to make a movie about it!

Miles Fox: I am currently finishing production on a documentary about this cat. Think "American Movie" meets "Mad Max". Dude hangs out on the Ultimate Subaru Messageboard, which is cool.

Plymouth-Dakar Challenge: The most fascinatingly worthwhile adventure I've ever heard of. If I ever make it to Europe, I'm doing this.


These will help you advertise me.

Yes. That is what they will do.

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