Things that are sounds

1. Mouth Reliant

Mouth Reliant is an ongoing engagement in the "new wave" aesthetic conducted by a boy and his computer. The collected works wil be available on the upcoming retrospective "Super Action Time". Presently all Mouth Reliant trax are available for free download, because we're freakin' generous like that. Embrace this generosity!

Also, MR is now on that Myspace thing. It's kind of depressing, really. Yeah.


Lavender (i) - 2005
There are beautiful words to this song that I haven't recorded yet.

Plastic Dollar (i) - 2005
Money sounds like this.

Plastic Dollar GXscc Mix (i) - 2005
Revisited with the GXscc, an amazing little midi app.

Modus Modicus (i) - 2005
This is the normal way we do things.

Microprefecture (i) - 2004
The authority of technology is divided amongst many small states.

Bubble Bobble (i) - 2004
A reinterpretation of the Taito classic, requested by my loyal fans

Retail Champ (i) - 2004
30-second piece for televison purposes

Better Than Truth - 2004
A cover of über-talented Timothy Daniel's smash hit single

Nothing but the Best for You - 2002
So damn happy it hurts

You Can Be Tomorrow - 2001
Crested at #13 on the new wave charts

O K Car - 2001
For the stillborn "Sound of Chrysler" compilation

Doctor - 2000
The second-earliest Mouth Reliant track

Pooter - 2000
The earliest Mouth Reliant track

Theme Song of 1985 (i) - 2004
In which I am the Human League

710 (i) - 2004
Named after the date it was written, which is also a Datsun

Do Not Disturb (i) - 2004
These are simple instructions to follow

The Virtue of Vice (i) - 2004
I like to engage in commerce

Sugar Sugar Brain Candy (i) - 2004
Commissioned for the educational video "Men and Trees"

Videogame Action Thing (i) - 2004
For the remarkable action of our time and place

The Martini Atari (i) - 2002
Get comfortable with the mellow sound of videogames

Catalog of Dormant Utility (i) - 2002
The sound of useful things not being used


The Truth About Aspartame (sf) - 2005
Courtesy of the Casio MT-400v

The Gutter (sf) - 2004
I enjoy most the drum programming

Red Zero (sf) - 2004
Social Security is a bankrupt Ponzi scheme

Crinkle Binkle (sf) - 2004
Don't blame me, blame SongFight

Moscow, Idaho (sf) - 2004
I play the bass guitar on this which means I am awesome

Breakups and Birthdays (sf) - 2003
Seriously, people, quit breeding

Level Best (sf) - 2003
We're human, and our best just ain't good enough

Indie Rock Bottom (sf) - 2002
From the fight we all assumed was connected to Diesel Sweeties

On My Block (sf) - 2002
For reasons inexplicable, I attempt to brood

My Sister (sf) - 2002
My first SongFight entry

(sf) --denotes track originally crafted for SongFight competition
(i) --denotes instrumental track, because words might be stupid