Welcome to Team Economy Superstar!

Economy Superstar is proud to introduce our foray into the world of competitive cheapskate motorsport.

BA/BE Rally 2007!

Second time around on the BA/BE was, as expected, a glorious fiasco. We fielded four vehicles of our own plus a 1980 Cadillac limousine for some dudes from Ireland, which died on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Video and pictures from the event are coming soon, right down to the Bourbon Street baloon penises.

BA/BE Rally 2006!

Our first effort was the 2006 BA/BE rally. The BA/BE, or Big Apple to Big Easy, is a four-day punt from New York to New Orleans with the only stipulation being that the car cannot cost more than $250. This sort of thing, we do well.

We ran a 1987 Toyota Camry I purchased for a dollar and the 1983 Subaru "Trashwagon", which blew a head gasket en route and generally made things difficult. We also procured a 1988 Lincoln Town Car for the boys from TopGear Magazine.

Sea Foam engine treatment, our first major sponsor, sent us $200 worth of product and a stack of decals. That's swell.