2006 Is the Year of the Fox!

Economy Superstar announces their first feature production, "Catch This Fox!", a documentary over two years in the making chronicling the life of Miles Fox, America's premiere Subaru outlaw.

Like "American Movie" meets "Mad Max", or possibly "Up in Smoke" by way of "Napoleon Dynamite", the real life adventures of Miles Fox pit him against all authority, convention, and common sense. Unflinchingly honest, it's an hilarious yet cautionary vision into the life of a self-described dope-smoking derelict from rural Indiana and the peculiar fantasies he occupies himself with. Post-apocalyptic road movie, pothead comedy, intense portrait of a total lack of personal responsibility, call it what you will, "Catch This Fox" covers a broad, outrageous, and heretofore unsung chapter of the human experience.